The Pub

Enjoy a few drinks in our intimate Irish Home Pub, Seananigans. As the name suggests this is “not a quiet place”. This is the place to enjoy a few good laughs with your friends when reflecting on that BIG trout that got away, or show your husband who’s the best at a game canasta, while indulging in locally brewed beers or one of our signature G&T’s. 


In the late afternoon, admire our breathtaking sunset from the patio overlooking the river. 

Pre Drinks

This will be the perfect spot for a few drinks before the dinner bell is rung.

Night Caps

Come relax after a sumptuous meal with an Irish Coffee, brandy or whiskey or two or three.

Note This is not a public bar and only available for guests sleeping over or by appointment.

Wine & Gin Tasting?

For Gin and Wine tastings, please contact us directly and we will arrange the perfect tasting of the best Gins and Wine for you.